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Links and mirrors to the official website of Mega Darknet Market


Login to Mega Darknet Market

To get to the real Mega Darknet Market site, you need to install the private Tor browser. Tor quietly opens access to domains in the onion zone. You can also log in to Mega in a regular browser. Only this is rather a bad option. First, you need a VPN or proxy. Secondly, if you are going to enter through a special gateway mirror, there is a risk of personal data leakage. And besides, such links are often blocked in the Clearnet. Therefore, it is better to use Tor.

What is Mega Darknet Market

Mega Store – Russian-language marketplace with dealer shops. It has a very convenient functionality and interface. Each user will find a product to their liking and affordable. Sometimes Mega Darknet Market doesn't work. Now this is due more to technical reasons, as the developers are constantly updating the site. In the past, of course, slow servers and hacker attacks failed. Links to Mega Darknet Market are updated around the clock. Therefore, access to the site is always open. You can find a working link on the next page – Mega SB/. This is a special mini-service for selecting working links to the site. You can pay for a purchase on Mega from a cryptocurrency wallet, QIWI electronic money or through a bank card.

Список рабочих зеркал Mega Darknet Market

Tor for Mega Onion

Tor for Mega Onion is a must. You can download the program to your device using the following link – https://www.torproject.org/ru/< /strong>. The official website has all versions of the OS.

About site

  • Today, the Mega Darknet Market is perhaps the most reliable platform where you can buy banned items. The marketplace has already existed for more than 8 years. And now Mega has a leading position. Registration is available to everyone. Immediately after the transition, as a test for a robot, you just have to enter the captcha correctly.

  • You can top up your balance on Mega in three ways: directly via cryptocurrency, with a bank card or with a QIWI wallet. Choose any of the available cryptocurrencies for exchange and transfer money. BTC, XMR and Tether USD are paid on the site.

  • The marketplace works in almost all cities of Russia and even in some CIS countries. Due to low interest rates and commissions for the seller on Mega, you can buy goods many times cheaper than from competitors.

  • All stores on the site are checked by the administration. Therefore, Mega DM does not sell anything. Admins are interested in the development of the project and, therefore, she does not need any force majeure. If anything, support on the portal works around the clock. You can ask for help via ticket, phone or email.

  • Accessing the Mega Site is as easy as shelling pears. Download Tor, turn on VPN or set up browser bridges. Then just type in the correct link to Mega into the address bar. You can use the mirrors from our website. And start shopping immediately after registration or authorization.

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